The Door


The Door


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Unemployed and broke, Owen is having a terrible week.  Its not until he saves a wealthy Japanese businessman from a couple of thugs that Owen’s luck begins to change.  He’s promised an easy job with very good pay.  $500 a night. 5 nights a week. All Owen has to do is wear a uniform, sit in a chair and make sure that an ominous door is never opened.  Following an unexpected late night visit, Owen soon finds himself stepping into the darkness, unsure if he will survive the night or escape the fate that waits for him behind The Door.

Title: The Door
Type: Feature Film
Genre: Horror
Length: 82 mins.
Writer: Patrick McBeartry
Director: Patrick McBeartry
Produced by: Patrick McBeartry, Harpreet Bassi, Brigitte Kingsley, Andrew Cymek

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